Women Inquiring Valued Emotional Support

We are your teenage daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins and friends overwhelmed by social pressures involving premarital sex, drug use, and the desire to fit in to the cookie-cutter physical appearance of the girl next door.  We are the give-in girls who offer our body in exchange for faux love and affection.  We are the pregnant young women nearing single motherhood with limited emotional and financial resources.  We are the career-driven, know our worth, 30+ singles patiently waiting for our compliment who continuously chooses to leave happy hour with the one-night stand.  We are the long-term girlfriends behaving as wives while waiting for our boyfriend to execute the much overdue, perfect proposal. 

We are once head-over-heels turned nagging wives punishing our boundary-crossing spouses by withholding physical intimacy, but accepting gifts that negate appropriate consequences.  We are the weight-fluctuating, unkempt, minivan-driving soccer moms who scour at the pre-baby versions of ourselves who catch the eye of our sex-crazed husbands.  We are the mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted women who routinely experience sleepless nights catering to our households, careers, husbands and on rare occasion-  self.   


Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Many women are unable to attain support services.  If you are interested in sponsoring services for a woman in need, please contact us at your earliest convenience.  Thank you!

We strongly believe that hardship breeds from giving too much power to self, others and circumstances as it is an imposition against the first Commandment.  Therefore, our purpose is to assist in the identification and elimination of such diversions in efforts to prevent habituation.

Helping women in the midst of hardship achieve spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.

We are the caregivers to our disorder or disease afflicted family member on a daily diet of countless prescription medications.  We are the ego empowering, spiritually vacant with more faith in anti-depressants than God simply because science can numerically prove, discount and reprove their effects.  We are bitter, lonely, divorce-bound roommates trapped in confines of our smiles, lies and mortgage drowning four walls.  Once we finally call it quits, we become the women who courageously re-enter the bra-burning cycle as if victim was the only role we played in our hardship.  It is time to ascend our commitments, overcome adversity, and support other women in trial.